Wintertime Dating Ideas

This is the time when the streets in New York City are filled with boot-filling snow and slush. This, of course, means that your date ideas are scaled down. In the winters, romance can be pretty hard to come by. ‘’Come to my place and we’ll snuggle and Netflix.” – this works like 70% of the time during these months. But cold weather shouldn’t be an excuse to get more comfortable. Your other half needs to be wooed regardless. This is exactly why you need these winter date options. Because sub-zero temperature and frost-bitten nights are no reasons to slack.

I’m currently travelling on the Washington DC to NYC bus and I can’t help but miss my love back home. So here’s my effort instead to help you keep the fire burning and set the passion to ten.


Waldorf Astoria

Every Sunday, Waldorf Astoria holds NYC’s most effete buffet. This self-indulgent experience buffet serves everything fancy – carved meat, oysters, caviar, champagne and what not. At about $100 per person, this is definitely the most decadent lunch in the city.


Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

Treat them to something sweet this winter. Nothing screams affection better than New York City’s most famous dessert – the frozen hot chocolate served at Serendipity. Don’t you forget to ask for 2 straws.


Riverside Park

Stretching along 4 miles, Riverside Park is a long and beautiful stretch that has managed to keep the tourists at bay. Perfect for serene sauntering, it runs parallel to the Hudson River and deserves to be your go-to spot for creating long-lasting memories.


Horse-drawn Carriage Ride

A behind the time attraction for when the trees are bare and a sense of peace prevails – this Central Park attraction lets you stop in time with your loved one.


When it comes to spending time with your loved ones, New York City has so much to offer. Add a touch of romance to your relationship with our wintertime dating options. And if all goes well, you can always ask your date to come over. After all, winter is an amazing excuse to cuddle up.

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