You’ll Find Us Hanging Out at These Spots

New York City is undoubtedly one of the most stressful places to live in. But with its seemingly limitless options of entertainment, it’s virtually impossible to move around like sullen Sam. Ask any two persons about their favourite neighbourhoods or bars or in general, any place they like to hang out at, it will become clear to you that no two people’s NYC is the same. There’s something for everyone, given that they’re willing to search for it. And that’s the beauty of our city.


But even then, living in a city as big and as overwhelming as NYC, it can be quite a task to find the absolute coolest places. Fret not! The staff of OurBus gives you a scoop on the coolest places where it hangs out. Like most people, if you’re taking the Washington DC to NYC bus, we’ve rounded up the best places to hang out in New York City for our customers and our readers.


Gotham West Market, Hell’s Kitchen

For the days when you want to eat anything and everything, head to this multi-vendor gastro dreamland.


Goldie’s, Downtown Brooklyn

A really chill dive bar with chintzy, over the top ornamentation and the perfect amount of people.


Miss Lily’s, East Village and Soho

For the happy vibes, retro cocktails and the gorgeous staff, this Caribbean style restaurant should be your go-to option.


Rooftop Reds at the Navy Yard, Downtown Brooklyn

World’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard, need I say more?


Alphabet City Beer Co, East Village

A craft beer store and bar with chill vibes and board games. Go for their amazing game selection of draft beers. Plus they have beers for take-out too.


Employees Only, West Village

A prohibition-style, retro looking bar and easily one of the sexiest bars in New York City. An all-time favourite, we go there for its phenomenal cocktails and the tarot card reader who sits there up until 2 am, all nights of the week. And so should you.

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