10 Best Museums in Washington DC

Museums are one of the Washington D.C’s biggest draws. These are activities commonly dismissed by many as snoozefests. Here you will find temples dedicated to everything in history alongside serious dives into modern art.

It is an experience you can’t miss when you are in this town. Here are the best museums to visit while you are in the city.

National Museum of American History
This is the place to soak American history. It hosts the beloved tale of the Star Spangled Banner. Here you will be able to gaze at Michelle Obama’s inaugurations gowns. It is the gown which Dorothy, the Garlands character wore in the famous film. Also, there is the 261 seat Warner Bros which film 2D and 3D movies.

Many of the most iconic moments in the history of journalism are felt here. The conventional display memorized here include; a somber reminder and also Berlin wall events. The interactive newsroom can also be identified in Newseum. These drawings have featured in the pictures of the year galleries. Additionally, it has even touched the highly contested 2016 presidential elections as well as a brief history of the Vietnam War. Soon it will become a commemorating site for the gay’s rights and also subsequent longtime fight for equal rights in America.

International Spy Museum
If you don’t know what it takes to be an International Spy, this is the place to visit within your lifetime. Here you will be able to learn about the most relevant encryption methods incorporated by international spies in their operations. Collections here are constant in that they never change. Therefore, you will always expect the same results and same experience if you visit the place twice. You can also talk with spying experts.

National Portrait Gallery
This museum hit the headlines when it unveiled the portraits of the former American president, Barack Obama. The amazing paintings also feature Michelle Obama alongside famous images on renowned sports figures. Statues of statespersons can also be found here. These include Martin Luther King Jr and John F. Kennedy

Hirshhorn Museum
It is the most favorite art and sculpture to many fans in America. Visitors can view exhibitions since the `80s. Various showcases have made platforms for big infinity mirror displays. For many years, it has been a leading voice for contemporary art as well as a national platform in America. It focuses on exhibition planning more so in the World War II period. The building itself is an open cylinder elevated on four legs.

National Air and Space Museum
Its floors are the most classic among the Smithsonian collection. It is very appealing to fans and visitors. You will be able to have vast knowledge about nearly all things related to the solar system. You can break the monotony by watching a movie at the theatre.

National Museum of African American History and Culture
Its floors are lined with good music and pop-culture memorabilia. Alongside it, is powerful reminders on slavery and fights for civil rights. Annually, the museum receives thousands of visitors from all over America to have a grasp on museum’s long road to reality. Dishes from different diversities are served here.

National Geographic Museum
It’s a top site that you can visit before you leave the town. If you enjoy researching more on history and culture, this is the best place for you. Top notch exhibits lie here along with permanent and beautiful galleries. The features of Titanic will open soon. Indeed, it’s a very inspiring site for explorers in the town who desire to learn more about Greek history and have a touch on crocodiles and sharks.

National Archives Museum
It features the history of American democracy. It has for long served as a place for interest for researchers regarding historical records. You can be able to see the steps on how the independence of America took place. Interestingly, in future, it will incorporate how Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon
The onsite museum has an educational center which has several galleries each packed with information on America’s first president. Guests have access to the grounds and onsite distillery.

Many cities in America have many free and friendly museums, but the museums in the capital are just fun to visit, in most cases free, and make for a great weekend getaway. So, wait no more and book your bus tickets with OurBus offering various bus services to DC such as NYC to DC, Philadelphia to DC and many more. Explore them all here.

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