9 Surprising Things You Can Do in State College, PA

Life has to be full of surprises. There are many things which you can do in State College, PA that I think will give even the ordinary traveler a bit of. Below are 9 surprising things you can do in State College, PA:

1. Go back in time while touring cavern on the boat

There is one specific cavern which offers a tour by boat — super cool. Penn’s Cave is located in Centre Hall. This water-filled cavern offers breath taking views to spectators. Your tourist guide will take you back in time by telling interesting stories about the past as you maneuver through dimly lit portions of the cave. Check out this monumental engineering work of the 20th century…it’s definitely worth your time.

2. Visit a place stranger than fiction

The Columbus Chapel and Boal Mansion are one of the most amazing places in State College and a strange place at that – here you’ll find Christopher Columbus’ Sea Chest, Napoleon’s hair lock, and so much more. This place is great for a person who is a big fan of history and historical figures.

3. Taking a hike on Mount Nittany

Taking a hike on Mount Nittany is necessary to be a part of the State College community. It can be great for those who like to explore the outdoors as there are many trails. It is located just outside of downtown – a short drive away.

4. Visit the famous stamp collecting society

One can take a peek at the amazing and most expensive stamp collections at the American Philatelic Society. You can also see the post office, which was built in the mid-19th century.

5. Visit the Palmer Museum of Art

One of the most amazing things to do at the State College, especially for those who have an interest in art is visiting the Palmer Museum of Art. The admission is free and they offer American paintings, Asian ceramics, and various other modern works.

6. A great hiking destination with two waterfalls

Kyler Fork Falls is the neighbor of Yost Run Falls and the Chuck Keiper Trail is along these two rivers.

7. Locally produced spirits and coconut rums

There are locally produced spirits and coconut rums in State College. Big Spring Spirits allow tours of their facility, and tastings of their batches.

8. View of brewers at work

Robin Hood Brewing Company allows tourists to view the making of locally made beer through glass windows.

9. The Arboretum at Penn State

The University campus welcomes you with the scenic and beautiful gardens It can be an amazing place to take a stroll and offers breathtaking beauty to any visitor. It is blissful to walk among the flowers and it is always a refreshing experience to the mind and body – and is known as one of the best arboretums in Pennsylvania

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