Comparing FlixBus and OurBus

FlixBus and OurBus are some of the two largest bus carriers in the U.S. disrupting the industry, and we wanted to give you a bird’s eye view and comparison of both companies so you could take a look and make an informed decision about where to purchase your next bus ticket.


FlixBus is a German brand which runs long-distance bus service in several European countries as well as the United States. It was launched in 2013 and aimed to establishan alternative to carpooling and to the German government-owned railroad, Deutsche Bahn. Flixbus is now rapidlyexpanding across Europe and the United States. The company’s investors include Holtzbrinck Ventures, General Atlantic, and Silver Lake Partners.

FlixBus services run in cooperation with regional and local bus companies. Their partners take charge of the daily running of the buses and routes, while FlixBus is in charge of the formal legal business required to operate a long distance system. FlixBus handles network planning, pricing, customer service, marketing, and quality management. This split business model with responsibilitiesso divided between local and higher management is highly scalable and has allowed the company to grow very quickly.

Flix Bus’ stated goal is to “provide you with a convenient, affordable, and easy to use bus service that will always give you the best offer and safe and pleasant travel experience.” FlixBus offers affordable and comfortable bus travel with green buses, which are great for those looking for a green conscious mode of transportation. The prices are extremely affordable, with fares starting at only $2.99. FlixBus provides comfortable seats and free WiFi, though it must be said that some reviews claim the WiFi can be sketchy with slow service at times. If you’re desperate to binge watch some YouTube videos on your trip, maybe this isn’t the best bus company for you. Their site says that they have “conveniently placed stops and friendly drivers” but the jury’s still out on that, as experiences have varied greatly across internet reviews. Many report stops to be in out of the way locations, which can be difficult for those needing to go to downtown located areas.

However, the general consensus is that, for the dirt cheapprice, it’s a safe and convenient way to get around. Flix Bus can be booked via their app, which is available on both Android and iOS.


OurBus is a high-quality bus company on par with charter bus standards that offers commuter and intercity routes in cities located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C, Florida, and Texas. The company’s first route in New Jersey launched relatively recently in 2016. Since that first route, OurBus has added service to 14 other places on the Northern East Coast as well as Texas and Florida. There is now commuter service in three New Jersey locations as well. OurBus is considered a crowdsourced bus company that creates routes based on passenger interest. In fact, the route in Livingston, New Jersey started with one woman getting in contact with a co-founder. Just goes to show thatwhen in doubt, take a chance!

An OurBus bus is not a typical commuter bus, being closer in quality to a high-level charter bus instead. The fare can be a tad higher than FlixBus for most commuting lines (even higher for longer distances), but OurBus provides a plush ride with soft fabric reclining seats, liberal power outlets, complimentary water and free WiFi on every single bus. OurBus’ business model is very similar to Flix Bus’ in the sense that the buses themselves are not managed directly by the company; instead, the company supplies technology and software to existing bus companies that partner with them. OurBus can be booked via the convenient online booking system or on their app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

Overall, you’ll find a much more comfortable journey on OurBus, one that I think will definitely make you consider using bus transportation as your way of getting around for future travel needs.

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