Our Bus: Luxury on Wheels! A personal Experience!!!

I always believe that the best moments of life are created when you are not expecting them. The experience of these moments makes you smile forever. Something along those lines happened to me while I was traveling by Our Bus from New York to DC.

I am basically from DC, however, I travel frequently to New York in regards to my business work. Normally I prefer booking a flight to save time. This time because of Halloween there were no seats available so I thought to try traveling through a bus. I thought it will be a new experience. It will take more time but is definitely an efficient option in terms of saving few bucks.

So the ticket was booked and I was there at the stipulated time when the bus had to arrive at my spot to start the journey. The bus came and as soon as I stepped into it, I felt like the plane has started moving more wheels. The bus was no different than a fantasy of luxury on wheels. It was clean to its core with other amazing benefits like proper storage space, Wi-Fi and what not.

However, they earned the brownie points because of the onboard charging stations they have installed with every seat. Charging a phone is the biggest necessity and they solved it for me, just like that. The only thing I missed was a lady like they have in flights. (Joking)

For me, they just went overboard with every kind of facility we can imagine in a bus to make the journey more and more comfortable and fun-filled. I am normally a serious guy but I actually smiled and I think laughed during few discussions among the co-passengers. I can definitely say that this was the most memorable journey I had in a long time and I am pretty sure that I will come back with Our Bus from DC to New York as well.

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