Statue of Liberty Insider’s Guide

From the first moment you step onto the ferry boat, you will feel the spirit of those who passed the Statue of Liberty on their way to Ellis Island and to their new lives in America. This guided tour of Liberty Island and Ellis Island will give you access to the grounds of both locations in a memorable walk through history. A guide with expert knowledge, gives a customized language tour so you and your group don’t miss any of the highlights. Make sure to dress for any type of weather as the ferry ride and explorations of the grounds is equally as enjoyable, rain or shine.

The first stop is The Statue of Liberty. Her sheer enormity can be overwhelming as you dock for your adventure. As your tour begins, you will explore the Pedestal Museum. See the original torch as you enter. Other artifacts help to educate all visitors on the Statue’s history. Climbing to the top of the pedestal is where you can see the beautiful New York City Skyline. The 360 degree view is well-worth exploring and documenting through photos or videos. Afterwards, there is lots to see by walking the grounds. Make sure to take plenty of photos from this perspective too. The enormity of the statue is truly inspiring! Before moving on to Ellis Island, grab a quick bite to eat in the Crown Cafe. High quality, healthy, and organic options are a nice find in this small eatery. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir or two in the Gift Shop and Museum Store.

Getting on the ferry to head to Ellis Island will again give you a feeling of history. The Museum of Immigration is in the original Immigration Station. The restored building is back to it’s original early 1900’s appearance. One of the first exhibits you will see maytake your breathe away-luggage, trunks, baskets, hand carts, and other personal items are stacked as if they were just left recently. Whose are they? Why are they still here? What mysteries do they contain? Photos, artifacts, and oral history exhibits will touch you upon seeing and hearing them. Going into the cavernous Ellis Island Registry Hall (The Great Hall) is a moving experience unto itself. To realize the amount of families and individuals of all ages that passed through the Registry Hall is life changing. Some found a new place to call home while others suffered the pain of returning. Knowing that half of Americans can trace their heritage to the twelve million people that passed through, is almost incomprehensible. But, there are plenty of tools that can be used to trace your family’s journey to their new home. If genealogy is an interest, be sure to check out all the information that is available to you. And if you find yourself hungry, the Ellis Island Cafe is available to you. There is also a Starbucks if you need a caffeine boost.

As the ferry takes you back, reminisce about the day an observe all that surrounds you from the skyline to the bridges. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour is well worth your group’s time. So much history and information that will not only educate you but, will enrich your mind with the people that have travelled before us.

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