The Best Bars in New York City

The habit of drinking can become a hobby for a New Yorker. Options in New York City are endless. You will find people at Irish pubs, upscale cocktail bars, and sticky dive bars.

In the list below, you will find the best bars in NYC — and we hope it makes finding them a bit easier. Some are a bit harder to find, so keep in mind you may need to keep your eye out to see where they are located. These places serve as the best for drinking with views or ambiance to match — you’re in for a treat.

In some of these bars, you’ll feel quintessential NYC and in others you’ll feel like you are miles away. Here, it is a list of the best bars in New York City:

  1. Brooklyn Crab

This bar is among the best for outdoor views and seating. You will find this bar on 24 Reed Street and Maryland shore and it’s the best for weekends if you can’t escape from the city. You will find it best if you have kids with you. There is a lot of space for kids to run around and they will not disturb those older as they drink. 🙂 This outdoor bar offers many things that you can explore in Red Hook neighborhood.

  1. 230 Fifth

This bar could be the most iconic rooftop bars in New York City. It also has a fully enclosed garden and located where you can view the upper Manhattan Skyline and Empire State Building. You will find it on 230 Fifth on 230 Fifth Avenue. You’ll pay for the view through the price of drinks, but to be honest, it’s worth it. The cost makes you to unlikely become a local at 230 Fifth, although its a place that is worth paying a visit from wherever you live.

  1. Roberta’s

This bar is a pizza paradise known to serve great pies throughout the year. It has long picnic tables in their shaded courtyard that create a pleasant atmosphere. Every day, they offer a blended frozen drink as a special. The bar is located on 261 Moore street.

  1. Gallow Green

The bar is a luscious magic garden — located in the business of Manhattan. Gallow Green location is above the Mckittrick Hotel in Chelsea. When you are here, you feel as if you are in a fairy forest after escaping a concrete jungle. Besides, you might also run into a character in the act of “Sleep No More” while in the elevator.

  1. The Ides

You get the best reviews of Manhattan when you are across the river. In “The Ides” found in Wythe Hotel, there is no exception. It is a favorite bar that has an expansive roof deck which offers a beautiful vista of the NYC skyline. This bar is among the rare ones that you are worth visiting all the seasons.

  1. Mr. Purple

For Mr. Purple, it is among the trendiest rooftop bars. In Lower East Side, Mr. Purple took over Instagram feeds back in 2016 summer. You should visit the bar and enjoy their creative cocktail as you view the Empire State Building. You will locate Mr. Purple on the 15th floor and 180 Orchard Street.

  1. Boat Basin Cafe

Boat Basin location is at the Hudson River on 79th Street. It is a super Cafe that faces the marina. When you visit the bar, you’ll sip from cold beers, enjoy the warm breeze and sensationalize the feeling that you’re on a boat in paradise; you will feel magically transported from NYC to California.

  1. Loopy Doopy

When you are feeling like combining your drink with a classic summer dessert, then head to Hudson River and find Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar right above Irish Famine Memorial and Conrad hotel. The bar is known for combining chilled prosecco or rose with hipster-favorite liquors. It is also the best place to catch the sunset at NYC.

  1. Campbell Apartment

When you look at the hidden bars that you will find in NYC, Campbell Apartment is the most famous. You will find it in southwestern Grand Central Terminal and Vanderbilt Avenue. If you are visiting this bar, ensure you dress the part.

  1. Dynaco

To locate Dynaco for the first time, you might end up walking more than you expected — it’s a bit hidden. In this bar, they offers classic cocktails and a fantastic fireplace. Besides, the bar serves the cake as the only food. The bar accepts cash only, so you should plan accordingly. It is located on 1112 Bedford Ave.

  1. Larry Lawrence

When you are in Williamsburg’s 295 Grand Street, you should visit Larry Lawrence. It has intimate space, plenty of drinking options and a hidden balcony.

  1. William Wall

If you are in New York City and looking for a bar you can’t stumble over, visit William Wall. You will find this bar in the middle of Hudson on a parked yacht. When going for lunch, you will take a small boat or ferry, and after arriving, you will feel as if you are in another world. At this bar, you drink on a boat (now where else can you do that in NYC?).

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