The Best Things to See and Do in Arlington, VA

Arlington is directly situated across from D.C. and is a city which offers you a different aesthetic and atmosphere than the District itself. The Potomac River acts as a boundary between Arlington and D.C. offering both cities beautiful waterfronts, so it’s a great place to spend a day or weekend.

Below are numerous locations to visit across the river area:

  1. Arlington National Cemetery

This 624-acre military cemetery houses America’s fallen troops after the Civil War. One of its most notable features includes JFK’s eternal flame and The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. The latter holding The bodies of the unidentified from America’s wars, while the former honors John F. Kennedy at his gravesite. The cemetery features nearly daily burials of fallen soldiers and there’s a terrific visitor center explaining what troops are buried where.

  1. The Pentagon

Booking in advance gets you a guided tour of The Pentagon. During your entire trip, you are escorted by military personnel all along while getting to explore this vast five-sided building’s history. Additionally, you should tour The Pentagon Memorial, a location which memorializeslives lost on The Pentagon during9/11 attack.

3. Theodore Roosevelt Island

Accessing this location via the Virginia side is only possible by a vehicle, with Theodore Roosevelt Island technically part of D.C. At the middle of the Potomac River is a nature preserve that floats, with Arlington on one bank and D.C. on the other. Visitors get to pass through a diverse environment, such as uplands, forests, and swamplands while hiking through the vast three mile memorial to Theodore Roosevelt.

  1. Skate at Kettler Capitals Iceplex

Host to The Capital’s practices, this grand skating rink also opens its doors to the public. Inside is a Capitals gift store, two NHL-sized locker rooms, and hockey classes-  thus an excellent place if you are in search of a place to spend some time on ice. Additionally, from the bleachers, you can watch The Caps practice for free.

  1. Gravelly Point Park

If you are an aviation fanatic, it is a great location to visit due to its proximity to Reagan National Airport. You’ll get to watch planes descend and ascend overhead so close such that it is almost unsettling. Also, its position along the Potomac River makes this an excellent place for an interesting picnic. Can you spot the few Boeing 757’s fly in from the other side of the country?

  1. Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

Shop till you drop at this massive, upscale mall which includes four floors and acts as host to 170 retailers. There is something for everyone be it small, independent boutiques, big department stores, like Nordstrom and Macy’s or high end restaurants and hotels.

  1. Trolley Pub

The Trolley Pub dashes you from bar to bar around Clarendon powered by pedaling. It’s an exceptional addition to your night out while in town. The more people you take with you, the easier it will be to pedal up hill. 🙂

  1. Air Force Memorial

Three spires reach 270 feet into the air in tribute to The Thunderbirds Squadron famed for its exciting aerial drills. These pillars mimic these aerial shapes, typically done by four planes, with the missing pillar demonstrating the missing man formation done at Air Force funerals. Its high elevation allows you an excellent view of the Potomac River and Arlington National Cemetery.

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