Top 5 Things to Do at the International Spy Museum

Everybody has wanted to be a spy at some point in their life, whether they covet the glamorous lifestyle, the cool gadgets, expensive cars or action packed missions the life of a movie spy appears to be something glorious. Despite the public media’s depiction of espionage it is a little more grounded methodical, relying on secret communication and encryption. Learning about what it takes to be a spy can be a great deal of fun, especially at the International Spy Museum so get ready to stir you martinis and equip you tuxedos here is the top 5 things to do at the International Spy Museum.

1. Constantly Updated Events, Lectures and Lessons

There are so many new things to do at this museum such as learning how to lockpick, a full day devoted to spy cars of the past and overnight sleepover events. The availability of different facilities and resources within the museum are constantly evolving much like the real world of spy work, you can learn from the very best as guest speakers attend the museum frequently to share their unique knowledge and perspective. If you are interested in the concept of undercover work and secret intelligence there will always be something for you here.

Important Intel:
1. The Museum is moving to a new building in 2019.
2. There are regular attractions for children such as Spy Camp, Birthday Parties and Sleepovers.

2. The Largest Espionage Collection ever Displayed

Although there are many exhibits that depict the fictional incarnations of spies, the biggest appeal of this museum is the insight into espionage reality. You will see tools, gadgets and artifacts that have never been seen by the public until they arrive at the museum, you will learn all about various cases straight from the agent’s own mouth. Indulge in the host of clandestine knowledge including techniques of secret communication, encryption and stealth, all available through interactive computers, audio clips and visual displays.

Important Intel:
1. A Multimedia Gallery is included featuring Interviews with real life Intelligence Officers.
2.Disguise, Surveillance and Encryption Activities are available.

3. Operation Spy

Get ready to immerse yourself in a one hour long, adrenaline fuelled, action packed challenge where you get to be the spy. This challenge is sent in a fictional country called Khandar and you will be assuming the role of an intelligence officer from the United States, the mission that you are assigned to involves locating a nuclear device and ensuring that is kept safe from those who would abuse its power. The content of the challenge draws from real cases of espionage making the experience feel genuine and urgent, this challenge will show you just how ready you truly are.

Important Intel:
1. Participants must be 12 years or older in age.
2. There is a 15 person limit to each session.
3. You will conduct counter surveillance, a polygraph test, cracka safe and decrypt a secret audio file!!
4. This tour is geographically limited to the museum and will not require you to venture further.

4. Spy in the City

This feature is similar to “Operation Spy” but involves you heading out into the surrounding neighbourhood to test you skills in the real world. There is no physical tour guide as you receive your instructions through a GPS Device, you will be sent audio intercepts, clues, codes and many more tools for your 007 repertoire. This is a truly immersive experience that will enable you to roleplay asa real spy for an hour…and do a little sightseeing along the way.

Important Intel:
1. GPS Devices can only be shared by a maximum of 2 people.
2. The age requirement is 10 years or over.
3. If you take part be sure to dress appropriately (Rain, wind, snow).
5. 50 Yearsof Bond Villains Exhibit

Villains are enjoyable to hate, this exhibit offers a wealthy range of information about some of the greatest masterminds that the quintessential spy have ever faced. Explore a number of evil lairs and compare the evil plans of moustache twirling tyrants spanning 5 decades, you which learn how each of their schemesare directly influenced by the date of the film making an interesting case study. The exhibit comes with hundreds of salvaged props, sets and costumes that will make your knees weak with nostalgia. Any would spy will be guided through the exhibit through audio clippings, videos and texts of experts in the art of intelligencewho will each tell anecdotes of the most bond-like momentof their careers. Fascinating!


1. This Exhibit will close on the 1st of January so hurry and get your tickets!!

This is just a taste of what is to offer at the International Spy Museum so if you ever want to live that childhood dream of becoming a secret operative, get your tickets and bring your family for an action packed glimpse into an ever expanding worldwith a licence to thrill.

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