Top Things to Do in Binghamton, NY

Binghamton is a town located along the Chenango River in Broome County, NY. It is named in honor of John Broome who was a lieutenant governor when the county got established in 1806. Sometime back, the Chenango River was joined to the famous Erie Canal through the 97-mile Chenango Canal. It induced growth in industry and population. The area was popularly known as the Valley of Opportunity which was home to the famous IBM and many other significant establishments.

Today, the county is a popular destination for people with interest in museums, art, and outdoor fun. This county is a part of the Susquehanna Heritage Area in the State of New York. Here are some of the things you can do in Binghamton.

Roberson Museum & Science Center
The Roberson typically features 20th and 19th-century history, art, science, folk-life, and natural history as well. As part of their 60th anniversary they incorporated a modern natural history display, “Journey from our Prehistoric Past,” and the skull of Randolph Mammoth as the centerpiece, the perfect mammoth you can find in the state of New York. There are various exhibits to interest you including the classic railroad that shows what Owego, Endicott, Johnson City, and Binghamton looked like in the early 1950s. Connected to the Roberson museum is the Roberson Mansion built in 1904 with a magnificent sweeping staircase.

The Arts
The arts in Broome County come in all forms. The University Of Binghamton, NY has numerous galleries featuring pieces of art obtained from their permanent collection of more than 3000 objects and those on loan during regularly rotating exhibitions. Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts Gallery is one of the numerous small galleries with rotating exhibits and offers hands-on art classes for different age groups. Most of the places in the city’s neighborhoods and downtown Binghamton open without any admission fees on First Friday Walks. If you are interested in the live performing arts, you will enjoy the Broadway shows done at the Forum Theaters where the Tri-Cities Opera and Binghamton perform.

Cutler Botanic Garden
This garden is one of the360 gardens found in the US popularly known as an exhibit garden for the plants of All-American Selection. Every year the staff reviews the AAS winners who will be commercially available the next year. The paths of this garden twist around herbs, wildflowers, and gardens of perennials among others. The Cutler Botanic Garden has a pretty unique route: The Shakespeare Trail. The Shakespeare Dramatic Club and Cornell Cooperative Extension in Binghamton have developed a trail that uniquely identifies plants cited in the works of Bard along with the linked quotation.

Bundy Museum
You can learn about how IBM began at the famous Bundy Museum in Binghamton. The Bundy brothers started a time recording clock firm. Time recording clock referred to workers of a company “clocking” in and out. This establishment flourished and eventually developed into IBM. The museum shows the beauty and elegance of the Victorian era; however, there is a lot more you can see in the house including a captivating exhibit featuring Rod Serling, the developer of Twilight Zone.

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