What not to forget while traveling, either by bus or any other mode


There are several things which you often forget while traveling, doesn’t matter if it is a short or a big trip or which mode of travel you have opted. We travel around the world and under a lot of different circumstances and it is not always easy. When you are on long trips, you can buy the stuff but during a bus ride it can be much harder.

Traveling for a few weeks and wondering if everything is ready to go? You might have seen the consequences of forgetting things earlier but from now on there will be no forgetting as you will have the list to cross check. So here is the list of few things which you should check, when you are traveling next time either through OurBus or by air. In fact, in this list you will find items which people forget most often and will definitely have a laugh about it as it happens every time.

  • First of all your identity cards.
  • Your wallet which has your ATM card and all.
  • Your keys for home, office, etc.
  • Your sunglasses or spectacles through which you read or can say your reading glasses.
  • Your phone – make sure that you have your phone and the charger.
  • Medicine – It is the most important thing but sometimes you forget it while traveling so remember to take it with yourself along with concerned prescriptions.
  • Print out your online booked tickets – You can have your tickets on your phone but sometimes its useful for confirmation to have the paper print out of tickets.
  • Your computer or your iPad or tablet.
  • Weather based clothes.
  • Books or some leisure activity you enjoy during travel.
  • Don’t forget to call your bank and credit card company if you work abroad.

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